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KS Digital ADM10 Powered Studio Monitors

DSP Line

KS Digital ADM10 Firtec DSP Studio Monitors Front
KS Digital ADM10 Firtec DSP Studio Monitors Side
KS Digital ADM10 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor Side Picture

Hi-Fi Stars

… Among others, KS Digital revolutionized the first FIR filtered studio reference monitor (the ADM2, now ADM20) on the studio scene with a resolution never experienced before, which was confirmed through many tests by engineers.
… If you look at the reference list of KS Digital, you see that these active monitors are not just “any” kind of studio monitors, which quickly became very obvious to me when testing the ADM10.
… With the first sound check, right when I got started, I nodded and smiled away… in short, they knock you out. That was the beginning of a series of listening tests, and I had a ball.
… I used a master tape on my Telefunken M15A… Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto… recorded in 1934/1944 in Berlin in stereo. Even to people who don’t fancy the classical music genre, this recording always creates something magical to the listeners. Through the ADM10’s, this advanced to an experience of the highest league. With a dreamy expression on everyone’s faces, we listened through the entire 37 minutes of recording, without anyone saying a single word, not even the guys who despise classical music.
… Regardless of which LP or CD you happen to play, the ADM10 will always give you reliable information in regards to the true sound characteristics of that particular recording. If there are any shortcomings in the sound, they will be exposed precisely. Very good recordings will blow you away, and bad recordings will be identified immediately.
… The capacity of the ADM10 to reproduce sound at the highest level of quality is at the limit of what is possible to reproduce sound through speakers…. Don’t bother to even try to find mistakes or weaknesses in this speaker; you won’t be able to in the ADM10. If you have the right sound source, you will only hear music, free of any artifacts.
… The ADM10 is the perfect tool for studio professionals, without any weaknesses or compromises, and it fulfills all wishes for home use as well.

Studio Magazine

…With a frequency response from 25 Hz up to 24 kHz, the ADM10 is recommended for larger studio installations, as well as mastering studios that like "to hear the grass grow" (hear almost impossible details).
…Johannes Siegler, the President of KS Digital and chief designer, worked for many years in designing the highest standards in studio reference monitors of all categories and sizes, and is respected as a pioneer of innovative digital concepts for speakers. Releasing the ADM10 as a main monitor of medium size in the marketplace is totally convincing, taking design and pricing into consideration.
…Within the first few seconds of listening, my thumbs went up. I ran down my usual test programs (which I listened to on plenty of speakers before), and I experienced a razor sharp phantom center. When switching to mono, the stereo folds right into the center in a narrow strip, exactly how you would like to experience it. The smallest details and dynamics are presented with extreme precision and transient response. Especially remarkable was the tonal separation in the lows, which with many other monitors is presented very muddy. Different frequencies in the sub region unfold without any problems, and are very vivid and three-dimensional.
…When listening to classical music, you can almost touch the orchestra. You feel the depth of the venue and without hesitation you can locate the position of individual instruments or groups of instruments. A very noticeable aspect was the positioning of sounds in the stereo panorama. In the area of the phantom center, it was remarkably detailed so that even the slightest deviation was detectable as a change of pan direction. The portrayal of the highs, the precise mids, and the effortless image of even the lowest frequencies added to the already positive features of the speakers. The ADM 10 sounds very honest and does not color the sound at all--which, by the way, stays true at any volume. Even at the lowest volume, the ADM10 is fully there.
…With the ADM10, KS Digital has produced an excellent tool, which mercilessly presents the quality of a production down to every detail. The mathematical precision of the digital technology here operates at its fullest potential, as the sound of these speakers, their true impulse response, presentation of the stereo panorama, room reproduction, and total balance in tonality are the absolute highest level of quality.
…They have earned my highest respect. Such a product of German engineering does not hide behind the international competition--in fact, it is the other way around.

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